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Welcome to 2018, this will be our 11th year of SkiSunsetRanch!  This is the perfect time to reflect on what great and loyal guests we have and say, "thanks again" just in case we have not said it enough!
  In 2017 we scaled back our booking dates to have the opportunity to take breaks in our teaching schedule for some summertime travel. We have decided to take a summer break again this season.
  The calendar is now open for April-June reservations, if you would like to visit the ranch in the spring contact us and I will do my best to match them with the weeks we are working.  On-site dates are already tight for spring as priority for bookings has been given to last year’s guests, but good news there are plenty of off-site options left! 

We will be looking at a schedule for fall later in the season, please check back. 


Looking for a Waterski School in sunny, beautiful California that is also the perfect Waterski Vacation destination?  At Sunset Ranch you can ski and relax lakeside in our private retreat with your family or friends.  Sound perfect?  It is, look no further Skisunsetranch offers a wonderful waterski experience in a "Boutique Atmosphere".  We provide skiers looking for lessons/coaching a private world class setting.  Have you skied forever and just really need to get better, or just starting out already a skier but need to move to the next level?  This is the waterski experience you've always wanted, but never thought you could have.  Skisunsetranch is no ordinary lake, spend your days on our epic slalom lake enjoying a unique waterski experience and you will be one of the few who understands why.

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