About Us


Seize the opportunity to experience the ultimate waterski vacation.  We offer lessons/coaching on a world class private slalom lake, surrounded by vineyards, enjoy the sunny central California summer (just 30 minutes south of the Sacramento Airport).  We provide a boutique atmosphere with a one-on-one experience!  One boat on the lake at a time, one skier in the boat at a time.  We speak your language, have experienced waterskiing the way you have and know how to help you move on to the next level. We sharpened our skills by spending years in the tournament waterski scene, driving, competing, judging and hosting many world class tournaments at our beautiful site. The years of experience have given us a well balanced waterski foundation. Doug has been the coach since we started the Skisunsetranch Vacation/School business 10 years ago and the testimonials are endless from those who have been here and come back again. Never was there a more positive, patient, person born who will go to the mat to see everyone succeeds in reaching their goals. If you are looking for personalized coaching from great waterskiers who believe in solid fundamentals combined with the latest techniques, this is the place for you!