Here at SkiSunsetRanch we started using the Headzone helmet coaching system in June of 2011.  Once the first few students started using the Headzone and getting the real-time coaching with a waterproof radio helmet not only were we sold, but so were our guests!  Headzone helps water skiers from beginner to advanced achieve better results faster.  The system changes the coaching process as radically as it enhances the learning experience.  By removing the delay between instruction, assessment and correction, Headzone allows students to accelerate learning while reducing down-time and frustration.  What separates the Headzone helmet from every other helmet in the world, is an integrated wireless receiver that is fully waterproof and impact resistant. Communication is direct to the student from the coach using a handheld radio transmitter.  The bottom line is everyone wants to reduce learning times and frustration and increase fun and performance.  Headzone is the ticket to do just that!    We encourage all our guest to give the Headzone a try!